Want to create new revenue streams?

With an OBM, you can pry yourself away from the day-to-day management and focus on growing your business.

Now you’re asking: “How do I get started working with you?"

Here you will find first the services I provide my clients and how I will work with you within the “First 90 Days Innovation System”, which in this stage we will call the “dating” period. This system will help determine how well my services will best fit within your business before we move into a more deep-rooted partnership.

What is included within the “First 90 Days”?

Here we will define together the “Measurement of Success” within your business and to get to know your business, which in definite will take time. We will also work on any urgencies you may have and start getting stuff done, while taking it off your plate. This will be our first expectation!

NOTE: You will get a booklet in pdf form of everything completely laid out!

  • Establish clear measures of success of what is going on within your business and what Daily OBM by Mandy can take off your list and immediately get done, so you’re not frustrated anymore!

  • Schedule a “Brain dump” Session (1 Hour), after filling out the “Client Intake” to help Daily OBM by Mandy get to know your business

  • Create a “Action Plan” to ensure everything discussed within “Client Intake”

  • Define clear goals and priorities you have for your business and implement them

  • We will setup systems, automation and online tools to help delegate and support you within your business

  • Go through and measure revenue streams

  • We will establish your business into PROACTIVE mode from REACTIVE mode

  • Have a once a month business planning session to see where we’re at and what we have established within your business and what is coming next

Ready To Work?

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